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Fish Oil - 90 softgels
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Omega-3 - 90 softgels
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CLA - 90 softgels
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Ration Pack - 120 caps
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Iron Pack - 30 packs
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Bodybuilding Vitamins and Minerals

Vitamins are organic. They are more complex than minerals. All vitamins are required by our bodies for survival. Vitamins control the chemical reactions within the body to convert food into energy and living tissue. They are either water soluble which must be taken daily since they are not stored in the body (Vitamin C and all of the B Vitamins) or fat soluble, which are stored in the body (A, D, E, and K).

Vitamins are vulnerable to heat, light, and chemical agents, so food preparation, processing, and storing it must be appropriate to preserve vitamins so you get the nutritional value out of the meal.

Minerals are inorganic. They are much simpler in chemical form than vitamins. They are much more stable in food preparation than vitamins also. Minerals are categorized as major/macro - (calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, chloride, magnesium, and sulfur), and trace/micro- (iron, iodine, zinc, chromium, selenium, fluoride, molybdenum, copper, and manganese) minerals.

Major minerals we need in dosages greater than 100 mg a day. The trace minerals we only need "trace" amounts of daily to suffice. Minerals are used to produce necessary hormones. A simpler way to remember this is that all minerals are found on the periodic table.

A daily multivitamin encourages efficiency in your body for all of its various functions, including metabolism, muscle building, athletic performance and body building

For the human body to complete all the tasks it has in a normal day, it must be given a wide and complex variety of vital nutrients. Becoming deficient in any one of these essential vitamins or minerals causes breakdown of the metabolic pathway that produces optimum efficiency and performance goes down quick. Obviously, this is NOT what you want!

Making sure you take a high-potency multivitamin/multi-mineral formula may help ensure the presence of those essential nutrients necessary for thousands of metabolic reactions and aid in your body building regime

One of the advantages of an advancing scientific community is that every day we learn more about the way that our bodies work and what we can do to keep them running at their best for bodybuilding. One of the things we can do is add vitamins & minerals to our diet. Vitamins and minerals are key to keeping the body healthy and strong, and most diets do not include a varied and balanced enough nutrition to provide us with everything our body needs. The levels and types of vitamins & minerals required by the body also varies by each individual based on factors such as age, sex, level of activity, height and weight amongst others.

Bodybuilders, athletes, and people that lead active lifestyles need even more nutrients than the average non-active person. So if you think that just grabbing the first one you see on the shelf is going to work for you, think again.

Featured Bodybuilding Products (Minerals and Vitamins) Animal Pak and Iron Pack the Ultimate Training Partner with Vitamins. When you take IRON PACK, rest assured that your body is getting everything it needs to support your performance goals.


The Ultimate Training Pak! Pure power. Pure strength. Pure animal intensity. For hard-core bodybuilders and strength athletes, nothing beats Animal Pak for maximizing gains in muscle mass, strength and performance. There is no better nutritional weapon available to fuel intense workouts. Spawning many imitators, the original Animal Pak is still loaded with the most advanced, highest quality bodybuilding nutrients. Each Pak contains a powerful combination of cutting-edge mega-cycle vitamin & mineral complexes, performance enhancers, lipotropics, digestive enzymes and high potency energizers. Animal Pak consists of a perfectly balanced, time-released formula that is easily assimilated by your body for perfect bioavailability and optimum performance. There can only be one animal in the gym. Make sure you train with it.

If you are serious about your body then don't settle for anything less than the Animal Pak. It will blast your body with the key nutrients you require...and bring out the animal in you! Nothing works like it.

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The power to endure intense physical training and extreme cardiovascular sessions requires re-tuning of your sports nutrition regimen so the body performs at peak levels. Even the most perfectly trained athletes know that effective, targeted and balanced nutrition is an absolute must for achieving maximum training benefits. Neglecting any aspect of nutrition can hold you back, both in the gym and on the end of play. MP Scientists have created the breakthrough IRON PACK System. The unparalleled power of over 70 premium, athletic-boosting ingredients combine to amplify physical and mental intensity, delivering a boost in performance. This powerful combination of a daily premium multivitamin, sports nutrients and clinically-studied ingredients delivers the edge athletes want for performance, recovery and rebuilding. When you take IRON PACK, rest assured that your body is getting everything it needs to support your performance goals.


NUTRIENT COMPLEX: Over 22 performance-supporting nutrients including Vitamin A,C,E, and complete B Complex. Also contains a blend of over 25 vegetable and fruit concentrates that deliver results to help support your goals. The greens and probiotics aid your immune system, maintaining gut bacteria while promoting healthy digestion and nutrient absorption.

ALPHA PERFORMANCE BLEND: Contains powerful performance ingredients such as D-Aspartic Acid (DAA), Beta Alanine and BCAA Nitrates. This formulation is designed to provide support for meeting your performance goals.

FISH OIL: This ultra-puried sh oil, high in EPH/DHA, promotes overall wellness and supports heart, brain, vision and joint health. Not only are these sh oil softgels a nutritional masterpiece, they are also enteric-coated and citrus avored so you won't experience the regurgitation (which are called "sh oil burps") that people associate with cheaper, cruder formulations.

JOINT ARMOR: Helps support optimal joint health, enhances recovery and a healthy inammation response. It also contributes to the health of connective tissues throughout your body.

LIVER TAB COMPLEX:One of the most nutritious supplements available, it contains important amino acids and key vitamins and minerals. Liver Tabs have been a staple of hardcore bodybuilding athletes' diets for decades. Benets include fat metabolism, energy and stamina increases. Desiccated liver helps increase red blood cell count and stimulate appetite and taking liver tablets will naturally increase nitrogen retention. Within weeks, many notice greater strength and endurance. With longer use, you may notice an increase of lean body mass as well. Expect great gains, fasterrecovery, greater muscle pumps and better overall healt

COGNITIVE SUPPORT: This synergistic blend of high-quality ingredients such as CDP-Choline, Panax Ginseng, and Ginkgo Biloba Extract may support healthy brain function and mental clarity.