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Recovery 2:1 - 1280 grams

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- Post exercise Recovery drink
- Fast and slow glycogen replenishment
- Contains Whey Protein Isolate for fast acting recovery
- Added Creatine Monohydrate and Peptide Bonded L-Glutamine

The Post exercise drink is the single most important meal of the day for all athletes seeking maximum recovery, glycogen and amino acid replenishment and physical progress, both aesthetically and on a performance level.

Training hard with weights or playing a physical sport for 45-90 minutes is an extremely stressful and taxing event, to do so and not fully replenish nutrient stores is the biggest mistake you can make as an athlete and the primary stumbling block in the pursuit of continual progress.

PhD Recovery 2:1 contains a precision 2:1 ratio of fast and slow acting carbohydrates and the most bio-available protein sources available to produce the perfect post exercise recovery drink.

Key ingredients:

Whey Protein Isolate: The purest protein available and the fastest way to increase protein synthesis.
- Micronised L-Glutamine: For complete post-exercise recovery.
- Micronised Creatine Monohydrate: For maximum intra muscular super compensation and cell volume.
- Peptide-Bonded L-Glutamine: To ensure maximum glutamine assimilation.
- Antioxidants and BCAA's: For muscle repair and immune-boost.

Ideal for:

- Hard training athletes seeking faster and more complete recovery from intense exercise
- Rugby players
- Strength and endurance athletes seeking fast repair to muscle damage
- All athletes seeking lean muscle gain

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