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Creatine, Caps - 50 caps
Our Price: £9.91
Creatine, Caps - 100 caps
Our Price: £12.21
Creatine Chews - 144 chews
Our Price: £15.49
Photograph showing bottle of with Arnold Iron Cre3. Super Creatine Nitrate Formula. Sold in a plastic screw bottle. Product weight 221g. Free delivery on orders over £50 with online delivery.
Best Creatine - 300 grams
Our Price: £21.49
Creactor - 203 - 220 grams
Our Price: £26.22
Storm - 750 to 759 grams
Our Price: £32.91
Animal Pump - 30 packs
Our Price: £36.30

Creatine Monohydrate Supplement

It provides your muscles with the world’s highest quality and most scientifically researched form of micronized creatine. Creatine is shown to increase lean muscle and improve strength and endurance.

Creatine is a completely natural compound found in red meat and in our own muscle tissue. By supplementing with creatine we optimise the levels of it in our body and can train harder.

Bodybuilders use creatine monohydrate daily to get the most out of their training. It has been widely researched and remains the subject of reviews and studies in sports nutrition and health. It can boost strength and power and result in better performance in sport.

It is an organic acid that acts as a reserve power source for your muscles during high-intensity exercise. Sometimes your body will run out of fuel to power you through those heavy workouts or sprint sessions and a little energy top-up is needed. When you’re trying for a new 5RM on the last rep and the bar won’t move – that’s when creatine makes the difference.

What Is Creatine Monohydrate?

An amino acid derivative constructed from arginine, glycine and methionine, produced naturally by the body at a rate of about 1-2g a day. It’s also degraded into creatinine and excreted in the urine at a rate of around 2g a day, so you never store much.

Creatine is an energy-providing molecule that is remarkably well researched, especially in light of the relatively small number of studies conducted on other highly touted supplements. And not only have research findings consistently backed up creatine’s efficacy, but new benefits pop up each year,” says Kamal Patel, director of examine.com, an independent organisation that investigates the science behind supplementation and nutrition.
How New Is It?

It’s been around as long as our ancestors have. The substance creatine is naturally formed in vertebrates. The supplement form is simply a way to top up your natural reserves.

Back in 1912, researchers from Harvard University first noticed that ingesting creatine could dramatically boost reserves in muscle tissue. Soon after, scientists discovered creatine phosphate and identified it as a key player in the metabolism of skeletal muscle. But it took another 80 years for it to enter popular culture.

Creatine first came to the public’s attention after the 1992 Barcelona Olympics. It was reported that Great Britain’s 100m sprinter Linford Christie used the legal substance, helping him clinch the 100m gold, along with fellow Brits 400m hurdles gold winner Sally Gunnell and 100m hurdler Colin Jackson. Shortly afterwards sports nutrition companies began producing the compound commercially and the supplement has boomed ever since.

Why Would I Use It?

When used consistently after exercise, it lets you crush workouts that would’ve previously left you blubbing. It serves as a kind of back-up generator to boost your levels of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), your primary energy source during high-intensity exercise, enabling you to resist fatigue and recover quicker. A review of 22 studies into creatine found users can increase one-rep max strength by 5% and strength endurance by 14%.

There’s more: recent research from Louisiana State University suggests that taking creatine can improve glycogen levels during carb-loading, which could have benefits during endurance exercise. Finally, it can also improve mental performance – your brain uses creatine phosphate during intense bouts of activity, so if you’re doing, for instance, lots of calculations, glugging a scoop could help you stay focused.
Will It Help Me Bulk Up?

You may have overheard gym-bros waxing lyrical about amazing short-term mass gain when taking creatine, but that’s largely because creatine is hydroscopic and encourages water retention. Long-term use can stimulate protein synthesis, though, so it will work if you stick with it.

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Iron Cre3 - Arnold Schwarzenegger
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  • The HydraFuel Matrix will Support your Hydration State
  • Will Support and Enhance Muscle Building and increase your Strength & Performance

Take your workouts to the next level, make your workouts longer. By increasing your intensity and strength levels your will reap the benefits of gaining fuller and toned muscle

Arnold Schwarzenegger Iron Cre3 is the world's first molecularly modified creatine, this makes it more powerful than a regular creatine increasing the benefits. To get the best benefits you will only need to take 1/10th the size of a standard dose of a regular creatine monohydrate. By swelling the levels of your intramuscular creatine Iron Cre3 will support your muscle growth without making your body looking smooth, soft, and bloated. IncreaseYou get that freakish vascularity and heightened pump we all want!

By saturating your muscles with creatine you can stay pumped for hours, you will be able to dominate as a athletic. Hard-training athletes need the ground breaking innovations in creatine science to help them keep their intensity and strength. You to you can smash your training by increasing mass and power. Get Iron CRE3 today.